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Default RAM Issue

Hey guys, feel bad that this is my first post here but this problem has been driving me crazy! I've managed to get an old system back up and running, but strangely only one gigabyte of the two that are installed is being detected.

I've switched the sticks over, tried each stick individually in each of the bays and they work - just not simultaneously. I'm baffled!

What are the next steps I can take to attempt to resolve the issue without buying a new board? As I said, it's an old system and switching out the motherboard wouldn't be worth it.

CPU: Pentium 4 3.06GHz
GPU: GeForce BFG 7800GS OC (AGP)
RAM: Crucial 2x1GB DDR2

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Default Re: RAM Issue

It sounds like your mainbord does not have Duel Channel enabled. Check your BIOS settings.

Or maby one of the sticks if faulty or the DIMM is faulty or both.

I am just a newbie on the hardware side.

Can anyone else help Chamsy out?

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Old 09-02-2011, 02:20 AM   #3
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Default Re: RAM Issue

reset the mobo Bios default.

make sure 2 GB is within the mobo total RAM capacity.

Are the 2 RAM running at the same voltage as well?

Hope this helps!
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Default Re: RAM Issue

Make sure it's running at no faster than 667mhz, the max allowed by this board. The board can support up to 4GB, so you're within range. The sticks are fine, as he tested them individually, the problem is probably in the BIOS. I agree that it isn't running Dual Channel. Have you given any of the newer drivers a try to see if maybe there's an issue there? If it's just back and running, perhaps it doesn't have the most up to date drivers. When this came out, 1GB of RAM was baller status. Afterall, this came out even before the hyperthreaded single core P4 was out.

If it's a physical and not a intellectual problem (BIOS or driver), it might be that the second DIMM slot is malfunctioning. A bad connection of some sort. It seems less likely, but try taking a computer duster can and just giving it a good cleaning inside both DIMMS. Couldn't hurt.
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Default Re: RAM Issue

Try updating your Basic Input Output System (BIOS)
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