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Old 07-16-2004, 06:38 AM   #1
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Default RAM Help Needed

Hi all, im new to the forums its nice to meet you all
now i'm not nearly as good on computers as any of you so i have come to ask for your help. I need to find some temporary ram that runs a game on my computer and edit it, but i have no idea how to. So if anyone would kindly give me some of their time it would be much appreciated.
My msn is hendownage2k4@hotmail.com - plz add me or email me if you can help.

Thanks again,

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Default Re: RAM Help Needed

If you need RAM, you will have to go to some store and buy a stick. There are many many many different kinds, so what you have to do is first figure out what speed your motherboard takes, how many slots you have, what is compatible, etc. etc. I am running out the door right now, so I cna't explain how to find this out, but some of it will ave to be done form the inside of you case. if no one else replies before I get back, I'll try to help some more.

Good luck

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Default Re: RAM Help Needed

first identify what motherboard you have then u can see what kind of RAM it has or u can go into ur BIOS see what RAM u have in there and possiblly just buy more of that
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Yeah, you'd need to buy normal RAM from a store or the internet. Check your Computer Manual or something - or the BIOs as Cartman said and buy whatever you need.

Not sure what you mean by Temporary RAM though?

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just a thought but maybe he means the paging file? in that case do the following:

righ click 'my comp'->properties->advanced->settings (under performance)->advanced->change(under virtual memory) and you can manually change how much you need

this is on xp however i dont know what operating system you use but im sure it will be similar
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