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Default RAM + CAD = Memory Overload!

Hey guys!

I know I can always trust you when I am unsure of a situation So try this one on for size...

Right now I have 8 gigs of RAM and am designing 3D models using CAD software. Each model uses around 1 gigabyte of memory to edit and 1 gigabyte of memory to render (my models contain thousands of feet of industrial piping systems). So I can only use 4 drawings at once before my computer starts to slow down greatly.

Obviously, I need more RAM because I have tried increasing virtual memory and it still slows down at the same time.

My question to you folks is, should I go for high speed memory and less gigs. OR should I go with slower speed memory with more gigs? I am sorta new to 3D modeling so I am unsure about which would be better for the kind of work my computer will be doing. And as of right now, I am the most knowledgable in my office with computers. Scary thought :|. I am thinking 12 gigs of the highest speed or 18 gigs of the lowest... or one of the lowest speeds. My mobo allows for 24 gigs but that seems like overkill :P

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: RAM + CAD = Memory Overload!

I think you should lean toward the higher amount of memory, while also keeping the speed of RAM at a minimum of 1333.
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