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Default Ram

ok so my computer was pretty good for awhile but now it needed an upgrade. i noticed i needed more ram because i only had one gig of ram. so i buy two more gigs and i see absolutly no change. i cant run anything better. especially games. i cant even use the defult settings for graphics on command and conquer 3. i have no idea whats up. i have a viiv processor, 3 gigs of ram, and a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE video card. i have no clue what to do. maybe the video card?

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Default Re: Ram

Could be the processor. I don't know how intensive Command&Conquer 3 is on your video card, but it could also be that.

RAM doesn't increase performance on your computer. All it does is temporarily hold memory so your processor can access it. You could have 1000GB of RAM and nothing would change. All you would be able to do is run more programs at the same time (assuming your processor could handle it). Overall, unless you're having trouble running multiple processes, you don't need more RAM.

No offense, this is, IMO, the most common misconception of computer hardware: More RAM = faster/better system.

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Default Re: Ram

i think its your graphics card, especially for games.
i think ram will only increase in speed if there are a lot of programs running.
i dont know how good your CPU is either.

EDIT- aww... beat me to it.. haha

EDIT- i saw the requirements of C&C Kane's wrath, not sure if its the game you are talking about, and it seems like my laptop is able to run it, so i guess the specs arent high.
Maybe you have some spyware/adware or any of those slowing your computer down, or only have about 1gb of free space left, or it just needs to be defragged
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Default Re: Ram

RAM will only give you an increase in speed if the programs you are running actually need it, like if you notice a considerable amount of HDD activity and stuttering while gaming.
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