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Default RAID for OS Hard Drive

They say it's best to configure a RAID array with 2 hard drives, exluding the OS hard drive. Why is this? Is it a preference for performance that you should keep the OS hard drive seperate?

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Default Re: RAID for OS Hard Drive

who is they?

certainly using Raid can help you in a few unique situations.

(raid 0)with Raid you can add drive space together forming a larger drive, this would help you if you wanted to store a file that was larger than a single drive. (requires at least 2 disks)

(raid 1) a different type of raid you can mirror that disks, so you effectivly loose half the disk space available, but you gain the ability to still get to your files if one of those disks dies. (requires at least 2 disks)

(raid 5)another type of raid lets you have an array of disks where any one of those disks can fail. (requires at least 3 disks) (at a cost of the space of one of the disks)

(raid 6) and yet another type offers twice the protection of that setup meaning any 2 disks in a set can fail, (I think this requires 5 or more disks). (at a cost of the space of 2 of the disks)

(raid 1+0 r raid10) does a combination of raid 1 and raid 0, so the drives are added together for more space, but also mirrored so one drive can fail, (needs at least 4 disks).

the purpose of raid is to protect data from disk failures, (or to make data still available in the event of a disk failure.

Raid (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) can be configured in windows for data drives, but if you want to protect the OS with raid you have to use a RAID capable controller and set up the array before installing windows.

usually OS and data drives are kept separate purely for performance issues,
your windows installation and your page file live on C (and the page file constantly thrashes this disk).
your data is kept on drive D so that it's on a separate controller and can be access quickly -this assumes that drive D is a different disk, not just a partition of D.
in any case, having the data on a d drive means that you can quickly wipe the C drive and re-install if anything goes wrong.
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