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Old 12-13-2004, 12:12 PM   #11
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SATA gets off of the IDE standard which is based on the parallel protocol. SATA is Serial and has better potential at faster transfer rates.

There are two common forms of RAID on "normal" motherboards.

RAID 0 = two drives that are the same connected by two different cables. This allows the computer to read and write the data across both drives at the same time. i.e. 2 x 70 GB = 140 GB RAID system, called "Striping".

RAID 1 = two drives that are the same connected by two different cables (same as above). But on this one the computer writes the same data to both of the drives at the same time. This is best if you absolutely require no down time. If the first fails in any fashion, you turn off the computer plug the cable from the first into the second and turn RAID 1 off and you are up and going as through nothing happen. You would have to replace the bad drive and run the RAID 1 tool to get your system back to running a RAID 1 system. i.e. 2 x 70 GB = 70 GB (plus one back up) called "Mirroring".

There is also RAID 0+1 = equals both of these options put together, but requires 4 RAID drive hook-ups, that are NOT part of the "normal" RAID motherboard. Plus a couple of other RAIDs that are found on server motherboard and RAID controller cards.

Bottom line RAID = $$$$...

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Default Re: Raid

Yeah, RAID's expensive....

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Default Re: Raid

not really, unless you want 10,000 rpm drives. the 7,200 rpm drives are about the same price as ide drives.
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Old 12-31-2004, 08:49 PM   #14
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I have heard that RAID can do more bad than good and can actually slow your computer down.

Weird Fact-It is possible to have so much Hard Drive space it actually slows down your computer. Over a Terabyte I believe.
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Default Re: Raid

The new SATAII will be even faster 3GIG per sec. Imagine setting up RAID 0 with that!! The new board I'm getting will support the high speed transfer. It will be similar to this Chaintech board, but not that brand.

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