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Default Re: raid 0, and raid 5

Ok... I guess that clears that up.

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Default Re: raid 0, and raid 5

yea, it is basically making it like its one bigger hardrive that is faster, that is why u need 2. does any one know how much faster it is, for example. maybe its the equivalent of an 11k hardrive, does anyone know?

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Default Re: raid 0, and raid 5

you'll only really notice a vast speed improvement if you have them on seperate busses, if you have both disks on the same bus then you'll max out the bus speed and stop there.
if they are on seperate busses then you can max out the speed of both busses on the controller...

that said... if they are on seperate busses (and are IDE) you'll most likely have a CD drive attached to one bus, and because the CD drive is only ATA60, that will slow down your ATA100 drive to the speed of the ATA60 bus anyway...

still twice 60 is still faster than a single 100...

in short... if you are setting up a raid array for speed, (rather than redundancy or the massive spaces permittable). then you are much better to buy a seperate IDE controller card, these a re fairly inexpensive, and allow you to attache a lot more decvices to your machine.

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