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Default Qusetion on upgrade compatability

My mother board on an old 32 bit system has gone bad. I will be upgrading the mother board to a 64 bit system and also buy a new processor, memory, and graphics card.

I would like to keep my old hard drive until I can transfer the data. My question is will the new hardward run with the old hard drive that has 32bit Win Vista? If so, are there two types of drivers for the new hardware, 32 bit and 64 bit?

I will probably upgrade to Win 7 64 after the data is transfered. Once I upgrade the software would I just also upgrade the drivers for the sound card, mouse, etc to 64 bit?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Qusetion on upgrade compatability

I'm pretty sure as long as you can connect the HD to the new computer, it will work no matter what the previous OS was. The OS doesn't really affect the file compatibility in any way unless using an OS made by a different company (Most Apple OS files probably aren't compatible in a windows OS).

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Default Re: Qusetion on upgrade compatability

If you wish to attach the old hdd to the upgraded system as a data drive then yes, it will work and you will be able to copy or use data files from it. However, if you plan to boot from that drive then no, it won't work. If it boots at all, it will be unstable and you will most likely encounter lots of issues. If you wish to boot from that drive then you will need to re-install the OS.
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