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Default Quiet pc fan - psu mod

Hi, I wondering if anyone can recommend a very quiet 80mm fan. I want to mod a cheap 200W mATX PSU 80mm fan, which has 2 pins (presumably 12v and 0v) soldered straight to the PCB board. Being 2 pins, this means that the fan has no control, and thus one setting, so the fan will presumbly run at full speed. This needs to be quiet - or I suppose what I could do is get a 3 pin fan and create a potential divider with the 12v in and tap off a nominal voltage into the other fan pin to set the speed - though I'm not sure that would work!

Also, can anyone recommend a SMALL skt 775 cooler, which is very quiet- again

I don't want to go over baord buying super fancing frictionless air bearing systems, but wondered if anybody knows of some reliable quiet fans. It is for a media PC and all I want to be able to here at most are the hard disks! Also what dB should I look for. Is 26dB quiet - a normal conversation is apperantly 40dB, ofcourse the scale is logarithm and measured at set distances from the sorce.


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Default Re: Quiet pc fan - psu mod

I was looking online... 26dB should be pretty quiet. That's all I know..

Hey, how many computers you built, there?! lol 20!?!? seriously?!
:) Need a builder!
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