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Default Quiet A few Questions

now that its colder out, i dont need 'max' cooling, if i were to turn off say 5 or 6 case fans, along with a 12in CCFL, would you think that would somewhat reduce my PCs power consumption?

how big of a GPU would it take to start to effectively bottleneck a Phenom II 940 BE @ 3.4Ghz with 4GB DDR2 1066? 5870, 5870x2, Crossfire 5870x2s (overkill yes), at resolutions for 24in monitors +

Do they make any kind of thin bezel monitor to use well with Eye-infinity?

Would you expect the 5890 to require atleast a 500W PSU, just as the 5870 does.

whats a good looking, cheep fan controller with blue LEDs (optional) to controll atleast 4 fans and able to turn them off as well?

For DDR3 would you say 6GB would be the sweet spot?

Hear anything official on any new AMD/Intel 6core + Procs?

how bad to the bone would it be to have 6 screen Eye-infinity set up with a crossfire of 5870x2s with crysis? lol Down the road if i ever get an awesome job, i will do this and make it my wide screen TV as well lol.♠

And one last thing that i can think off...
would 80$ be a good asking price for a used XFX4850 512MB GPU, never OC'd
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