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Default Quick Question

I am going to upgrade my computer. I have one question I ahve built a few in the past,but now I want to just upgrade mine.If I put in a new motherboard,and processor, will my harddrive recognize them and boot or will i need to reinstall windows.Or is it recommended to reinstall windows.Thanks

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Default Re: Quick Question

No, it will not just ..work, because of the new chipset. You can just "repair" XP, without having to reformat, but alot of the time, people just like to reformat, but if you really do not want to, and you have programs you want to keep, you can just repair the installation.

What are your current specs, and what do you plan to upgrade to?

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Default Re: Quick Question

Current AMd XP 2600,1.5 gigs ram crucial,ati 9600xt,asus a78nx deluxe board,windows xp 160 gig hardrive,
upgrade to amd 3200 64 bit ,asus a8n-e ,sapphire ati x850 card.
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Default Re: Quick Question

Yes, you should do a complete reformat of your hard drive. To me migrating from an Athlon XP to an Athlon 64 is a major upgrade and it is in best interest to reformat the drive for maximum compatiblity. I don't want to risk all kinds of errors by using the info on the current drive with the new hardware. It's just a rule of thumb of most techs where I work. Then again, the tech room always have clean hard drives to work with, lol so we never bother booting with used drives with stuff on it.
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Default Re: Quick Question

i tried doing this once (i upgraded from a athlon xp to a 64), but it showed that little while loading bar and then just restarted. i had to reinstall and most annoyingly, i had used the key in the previous version, so it wouldn't activate.
Athlon 64 3500+ with great big massive arctic cooling fan, 2GB DDR RAM, 256MB PCI-E ATI Radion X800 GTO, Hauppage TV Card, 200GB SATA + 165GB IDE Hard Disk Drive, 1GBit Ethernet card, and a lot of operationg systems installed:
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