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Default Quick Question.

Hey all, im new here and had a quick question!

Ok, im getting a new comp getting built up and should have it soon, mainly for games and video editing. Exited to get it!

Ok back to the question, my comp now is a good 2-3 years old but still okay for its time.

Well since my new comp will be mainly for games and such i would like to use the old comp for all my other stuff, downloads, internet, burning cd's, ect.

So is it easier to keep the whole tower next to my new tower and sought of network them? If so how would i go about it?

Or just take the hard-drive out and use it as a quick swap one with my new comp?


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Default Re: Quick Question.

OK, there are two options :

1) The easy way. Connect them together using a Cross-over cable. Both PCs would have to have Ethernet ports, and you'd also have to have the cable, or buy it, along with the Ethernet card if your old PC doesn't have a Ethernet port.

2) The slightly harder way. Put your old hard drive into your new PC. Connect it up, etc, making sure its a slave. In the BIOS, set your hard drive so your newer hard drive boots first. Then access your old one in Windows, and copy/cut across any files you want. If you want, you can just leave the hard drive in there, so you'll have two hard drives.

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Default Re: Quick Question.

If u plan on connecting both of them to the internet then u should get a router. Then just plug them both into the router and then both can access the internet and u have a LAN set up. (so u can transfer files from 1 pc to the other on)
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