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Default Questions regarding a new build...

Hey all, Its been a while since ive logged on this site, but I feel good that it is still here for my questions.. =p Anyway, I have a few questions regarding a new build late this summer.. I am going to use AMD, but I was curious as to what cpu series I should go with. I plan on building this machine for extreme frames in newer games, like the HL2 Mods and World of Warcraft. (wow doesnt need a lot, but it looks awsome on a good build and my machine needs to be retired) And later games to come. I also plan on running 1 application at a time, like playing World of Warcraft and possibly Ventrilo in the backround. Should I go with the x2 series? I understand they are dual core, thus they preform awsome while running mutiple applications. However, they are newer chips, and I want a new build. I don't want an " ok " build or a " pretty good " build. I want an awsome computer that will last me a while, without dropping the money on an AMD fx 62. What does everyone think about the x2 series? Will games in the future make use of the dual core setup? Or should I just go with a fast single core for the time being. Another big question.. I don't know a lot about the AM2 socket, however, with a new build, which is better for gaming / overall preformance? I went on newegg the other day, and I saw that there was an AM2 socket, and I had never heard of that socket type before. Shows you how often I keep up with pc hardware... =p Anyway, tell me what you guys think, I also plan on useing the SLI X 16 motherboard, as well as 1 7900 gt and putting in a second when I get the money. I hear they run very hot, and some have been through the RMA process on newegg. = / Anyway, tell me what you guys think, any help / suggestions would be awsome. =)

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Default Re: Questions regarding a new build...

I would go with the AM2 x2 CPU. It would work great for me, anyway.

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Default Re: Questions regarding a new build...

the new intel conroe cpu is coming out which peforms better than the amd fx62 at only 2.66GHz so i would check that out before u decide on an amd build
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Default Re: Questions regarding a new build...

You might as well go ahead and order an aftermarket cooler for your 7900GT when you buy the card. Test it out with the original cooler, and then, if it doesn't work and you know what you are doing, simply put on the aftermarket. Just make sure they are small enough so that you can put two of them in SLI... Try to get a motherboard where the PCI-Express x 16 slots are spaced relatively far apart.
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