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Default Re: Question for the media gurus

Make a DVD playable from your DVD player. Hook your DVD player up to your VCR, VCR to the TV. turn on the stuff and put the VCR on the video input channel to get the DVD player. Play the DVD, record from the VCR... It's really not that hard. You were almost right, but you don't need to hook the DVD player to the TV, it displays through the VCR's input.

Originally Posted by Kage View Post
Have you got a VCR recorder?
If so, these should have all the connections to just transmit the signal and record straight from the camera (all cameras should allow for output to another source...)
You may also have the option to view what is recording on the TV, if the VCR then has a output to the TV.
Most still cameras can't hook to the TV, only video cameras. What I understand is he has a still digital camera that takes video.

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Default Re: Question for the media gurus

Back in the day all we had was VHS! Now we got kids running around with all sorts of new fangled media formats!

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Default Re: Question for the media gurus

connect your sound card output to your VCR too

the reason some TV's have outputs is so if lets say you have a DVD player hooked up to the input on it, and you want to convert it to a VCR, you can just connect the TV's output to the VCR and be able to watch\record at the same time. there are other uses aswell
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Default Re: Question for the media gurus

Interesting. I'll try all or whichever one works first this weekend. I had no idea that a DVD video signal can be transmitted through the VCR. Shocked. Still at work right now...

Since it's not really for me, but I think she has a DVD player. Definitely a VCR and a digital camera for sure.

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