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Default Question: Connecting TV to PC with TV-Out using my old tv

I plan on getting a new PC sometime in the future and the Graphics Card will have a tv-out. I generally don't feel like spending the extra money on a tv tuner card, I would rather it be spent elsewhere, since I'm using antenna which gets me about 9 channels.
Anyways I am wondering how the install works, I am assuming the card will have s-video connection.
First of all, I have a really old tv w/ a RF connection only, so I am figuring I have to get a device to accept S-video to RF.
1) If I connect the s-video it just accepts the video correct? Therefore, I want to get the sound through the new surround sound speakers I plan on getting. My question is can I get the audio to go through the pc speakers or does it have to come through the TV? My tv has no outputs except an RF connection.
2)Does the tv have to be on to watch tv? I am wondering if it possible for cable connection but not for normal TV due to the amplified antenna (although I do have a separate aftermarket amplified antenna that hooks up to my RF modulator. The modulator is used for gaming consoles and has RCA connectors).
3) Finally, does getting a tv tuner allow the tv to left off or does it have to be on either way?

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Default Re: Question: Connecting TV to PC with TV-Out

tv out is only video out, not sound. sound goes through your own speakers.

tv card takes tv input in so you can record it, and it doesnt shoot anything back out.

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Default Re: Question: Connecting TV to PC with TV-Out

There are devices you can buy that will allow you to hook up an svideo connection to a tv with only a coaxial connection. It will allow you to hook up the sound too. About the sound, you have to do it seperately through your pc's sound card and it will play through both your pc's speakers and the tv speakers. All you do is get an 1/8th inch to rca adapter and run some rca cables from the second output on your sound card to the input source on your tv.

Since you're doing this in the future you said, I would save up for a new tv. Tv's today have lots of inputs and are relatively cheap.
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