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Default PSU help

Ok so, im building a custom pc.... i noticed a confusing mess of wires and began to analyze each ones functions... one question i have is when the psu jumper cables to power all the drives are "jumping" down powering the drives ( cdrom/hardrive/dvd) do they have to been in a particular order or do you start with the first connection and work your way down? does a "circuit" have to completed or are the psu jumper cables just like a plug and socket for a lamp or computer?

just let you know what i bought and putting together
rampageIII formula
i7 2600k proc 2.whatever ghz
6gb of trichannel 1600mhz ram
and a x4 850 W psu

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Old 09-09-2011, 01:33 AM   #2
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Default Re: PSU help

No order. Just consider them all OUT. Like out to hdd, out to cdrom, out to motherboard. Just like playing legos. If it fits it's probably where it's supposed to go. btw lots of jumps. Can I just imagine your post without the jumps or are they integral to the plot?

Just realized what you may be asking. the mobo/cpu, hard drive, and possibly graphics(if one not onboard) card need to be connected before you boot for the first time but the order is up to you. Make sure the ram is in too. Prolly won't boot without that. If you're asking how to build a computer please say so. I may be confused.

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Default Re: PSU help

I know what needs to be plugged im just concerned about the wiring to power my drives

The cord comes out the psu into the cd rom then jumps to dvd then jumps to the hardrive then to the videocard... so from what your saying it doesn't matter just plug then in the best they fit?
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Default Re: PSU help

More or less, but I generally try to keep high-draw devices like video cards on separate rails whenever possible (the good multi rail PSUs are labeled like this) but if you buy a single rail PSU (it'll say either way) then you just plug things into how they fit, and then route the cables around or in nooks & crannies so that your wiring job doesn't look like a rat's nest. If you're concerned about cable clutter, just do what was suggested, start at the top and work your way down, routing cables as needed.
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