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Exclamation Pros and Cons of a dual monitor setup

Hey all,

I've got a 24" Westinghouse LCD as my monitor for my desktop computer. Sometimes I would love to have a second one right next to it since I constantly flip in and out of multiple screens (Firefox x 5, multiple folders, photoshop, etc).

I'd love to purchase a second monitor but want to find out exactly what i'm getting into. I occasionally game on this PC and would like to know any potential drawbacks of running a dual monitor setup.

Basically, what happens when I play a game? Say, Live for Speed, Warcraft, GTA, etc? Will the game only show up on one monitor? I'd actually prefer it to be that way and NOT stretch over two monitors.

Also, is the second monitor a second virtual desktop? As in, will I be running TWO 1920x1200 areas on my computer or will it just stretch the images?

Thanks all,


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Default Re: Pros and Cons of a dual monitor setup

I ahve a 24" monitor as well, but I USED to have dual monitors. I'm to cheap to buy another one at the moment.

About the games. Full screen will just be on your primary monitor, although I prefer to play games in windowed mode.. But for gaming, as I said, it wouldn't be stretched.

Your desktop - You will have your background you do now, and the same thing just copied over to the other monitor, they won't stretch - not by default anyway.. you could probably do it..

There are applications out there, free ones, that will allow you to have a taskbar on your second monitor also, so that's also an option. You can also just stick your taskbar on your secondary monitor, but it WILL NOT stretch across both monitors. This was something I was trying to do FOREVER....


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Default Re: Pros and Cons of a dual monitor setup

Dual monitors rock I have them at work and on all 3 PC at home go for it you will love it. he covered everything game will show on primary monitor only desk top gets copied to other monitor just drag windows to other monitor and go.
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Default Re: Pros and Cons of a dual monitor setup

The info here is pretty useful and conclusive. Also i think certain games can use the other monitor to show extra information. Like a rear view mirror in a racing game, or playing stats in a sport game.
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Default Re: Pros and Cons of a dual monitor setup

When you run dual monitors you have 2 options if I'm not mistaken. You can make the second monitor a complete replica of the first monitor or you can stretch windows and such to the second monitor. Stretching windows include dragging them over completely and maximizing. So you can have 2 FF windows open and run them each full screen on 2 screens. In this respect, I think it would be smarter to use Chrome. Chrome will allow you to make a tab into a window and vice versa.
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