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Old 01-13-2010, 03:09 AM   #11
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Default Re: Projector for my Church

Tonight, I checked out the space, and to be honest, things are looking a lot more optimistic with this rear projection idea. I'll attached some pictures for you to see.

Here's the view from the front of the sanctuary.

Here's the view of the organ speaker hole with something in front of it (possibly the old speaker...not sure).

Here's the view of directly behind the speaker hole.

It looks entirely plausible to widen (and possibly heighten) that hole to accommodate a rear projection screen. I didn't know that this was located WITHIN a room (one that's not even being used, as well (which means we can blacken everything in the room!). Just by using my wingspan, I calculate that there's about 7 to 8 feet of space directly behind the hole, so that would be my throughput distance. We need to sit down and decide how big of a screen we want. I also need to calculate the viewing angle for the front most pews, as I know that there is a vast fluctuation in viewing angles when dealing with rear projection screens.

Does anyone know how much a rear projection screen would run me? How about for say a 80", 96", or 120" screen? (just for craps and giggles)...or better yet, link me somewhere where prices are posted (I find Da-Lites site hard to navigate and see no prices..but, I could be just a big dummy).

Can anyone list some quality brands. My instinct is that NEC and Epson are two of the best, but I could be completely wrong.

This would be so amazing if this rear projection idea can work.

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Default Re: Projector for my Church

shoot, you could just get a big sheet of cloth and a bright projector and it will work very well. 3500 lumens should be good, definitely 4:3, and I don't see any reason for a resolution above 1024x768.

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Default Re: Projector for my Church

Another thing that seems to have been forgotten is a projector has to have a target to project on. My idea is to have a super thin screen hanging in front of the speaker opening then projecting on to the screen from behind. The image would have to be flipped left and right or it would appear back wards to those viewing from the front.
The only real work with that is getting the screen hung up in the right place so it can be seen from the last pew. If you angle the screen, the projector has to be angled to match. Also the screen would have to be out from the speaker hole a little distance.
Oh snap foothead,
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Default Re: Projector for my Church

If you angle the screen, the projector has to be angled to match.
You should be able to get away with a bit of angle using keystoning - but it's unlikely to cope with angling the thing down horrificly.

I know this is besides the point but anyway:
I know of a good software for displaying stuff on projector as a secondary monitor.
if you have 2 monitors or 1 monitor and projector u should try it
our church have used it on their proj for many years
I think it comes with song words for like loads of songs but just some info for you if you get it working.
That's a completely different topic, probably best kept out of this one. Easyworship is by no means the only option available

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