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Default programming or networking


Im a computer student and I got a doubt about this aspect..: The thing is my baccalaureate (sorry, don't know if i'm saying it correctly), or my major, offers many different classes related to computers in general. For example, I have about five classes that deal with networking, some have to do with repairing and building the pc, only two are about programing (C++, HTML), others are about telecomunications, etc.

Maybe you'd think: "what's wrong with this? it sounds good cause you'll learn every aspect of pcs." But my concern is: will I really learn about all this subjects deeply enough when I'm getting many different subjects of pcs??? And also, since there are so many different subjects in the major, I'll not get "speciallized" in any of them and will only know the general concepts. (Hope I'm clear enough). I already know about networking so I'd say im not learning many new things.

So I thought programing. Since programing is the "base" of computers, everything emerges from it. If I write a program, I know how it works, how it interacts with device drivers, with the kernel, etc. I would know how to build networking utilities, you should get the idea by now.

There's this baccalaureate/major in programing which includes subjects such as:logical programing, visual basic, object oriented programing, structured programing, computer mathematics, assembly language (close to machine code) computer architectures, etc.

what I need from you guys is your opinion on which aspect do you prefer, why and why not, and which one do you recommend.

Do you think is better to know networking and a little bit of everything, or you'd like to program and know the "roots" and eventually all aspects of computers?


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Personally I like programming more than the other more general subject -but for you you have to think why you chose this one in the first place, and what you want to do afterwards from the qualification?

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Default Re: programming or networking

Depending on how old you are and how much you know already. I t may be better to do the first course which will give you a basic understanding of computers, and will allow you to touch on programming through HTML and C++. After that you may be in a better position to decide whether you want to follow a career in networking and hardware or in programming. At that point you can make the decision to do a course on VB etc.

I was in a similar situation, although I was looking at teaching myself rather than special course (sorry I am tight with my money ). I got an HTML book and learnt that in about a week and then started building a few sites. Later I started to add a bit of ASP ect into the sites together with PHP. Now I know I like programming and have paid to do a Visual Basic course. At least I know that the money I am spending is on something I know something about and I know I will enjoy doing it as a career.

Hope this helps
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