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Question Processor/mobo combo- sound good?


Well I'm sick of having a 60 pound paperweight so I'm finally fixing my desktop...

I bought a new HDD today, Maxtor 80gb/7200rpm/8mb buffer, $50 (had to turn in dead maxtor for it)

Now I gotta get a mobo/processor. Right now I'm considering the DFI LANParty NFII Ultra B motherboard ($140) with an AMD athlon XP 3000+ 400fsb ($137) with a

Cooler Master (Fans) - Cooler Master (CP5-6J31C-01) 4800RPM LOW NOISE Fan and Heatsink (AMD Athlon XP upto XP 3000+)
-Certified Heat Sink and Fan for AMD 1700,2500,1900,2000,2200,2400,2600,2700,2800,3000 Processor

any forseeable problems with this combination? will that heatsink and fan (plus arctic silver V thermal paste) hold up well enough (no o/c here with that kinda processor)

Will the motherboard be up to some casual gaming? I have a good video card already, so thats not a concern. I'd rather not spring for the great processor and get a motherboard that holds it down. This won't happen, will it?

I need the motherboard to fit a radeon 9000 pro 128 MB video card and a soundblaster Live! sound card. Other than that everything is standard

Anything I need to know before I buy?

with thermal paste - is there a significant difference in arctic silvers I, II, III, IV, and V? i think i'm gonna get V but is there really a big difference?
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