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Default processor

hi all.im not to good with computing so here goes.i have a dell n7110 laptop.i5 proccessor and 6gb ram.running windows 10.i would like to upgrade my proccessor but dont know enough to find which one.any help will be appreciated.thanks

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Default Re: processor

In general you don't upgrade laptops other than RAM and harddrive.
What you have is a second gen I5. The socket the CPU sits in also supports third gen I5's, but the bios most likely don't. (The bios is in simple terms the motherboards brain).
You might be able to upgrade to another sandy bridge CPU though, but finding one at a good price might be difficult, and surely not worth the money.
And actually, it's still not considered a bad CPU. Why you need to upgrade?

If your computer feels slow, and you want to throw some money at it, buy an SSD.

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Default Re: processor

Two routes to go here.
Blow it out good with canned air. Slide a tooth pick down in the fan blades so it doesn't spin while getting blown out. Reason being Intel CPU chips have a self defense mechanism that will throttle back the chip when it's getting too hot. Blocked air flow can cause over heating.
The other is to clean out all those junk files your computer collects that can slow things down. Check this list of software I use to keep my babies all happy.
PC Cleanup Toolbox

Stay out of black viper. It's for advanced users. Edit the wrong service and you can find yourself locked out of your system. Also you may want to look for find junk files at another web site. Some have been complaining that cnet has gone to the dogs. I don't have any problems with them but better to be safe than sorry.
When you install any software make sure you use the custom install selection. That way you can disable any junk that they want to install that is crapware.
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Default Re: processor

Hi! Don't settle for a slow computer!! I find these suggestions very helpful! This is for W7, but some of the tips should work for W10???( More Ram)
Optimize Windows for better performance - Windows Help
No matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they're new, they all seem to get slower over time. That state-of-the-art PC you bought last year might not feel like such a screamer after you install a dozen programs, load it with antispyware and antivirus tools, and download untold amounts of junk from the Internet. The slowdown might happen so gradually that you hardly notice it, until one day you're trying to open a program or file and wonder, "What happened to my poor PC?"
Whatever the cause, there are lots of ways to help speed up Windows and make your PC work better—even without upgrading your hardware. Here are some tips to help you optimize Windows 7 for faster performance.
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Default Re: processor

I agree with Biker and further upgrading cpus seldom gives anywhere near the response expected for money spent. Double your memory or add an Ssd drive or both, that will give you as performance boost.
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