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Default Problem with read dvd dual layer & no bluetooth.

First, sorry if I created the topic in a wrong section.

I have laptop HP dv7-1120ew (from poland but I know they sell it on the US market as well). The laptop has its ages (I bought it 4-5 years ago). It has primiery installed windows vista.

5-6 months ago my laptop started to heat up really strong. 2-3 weeks ago my battery died. I assumed it was because of heat. I ordered the new one and decided to take out a case of my laptop and clean a fan. It was my first time I've been doing it with laptops. After few hours later (I had really big touble to find some of the screws) I took a hug bunch of dust.

After few days from the "self-repair" day I decided to install windows 7 instead of Vista. I installed all the drivers but the problems stay (see below). A few days ago I change Windows 7 on the new Windows 8 (as it was cheaper to buy). I have not installed any drivers (as the HP site doesn't offer drivers for Win8).

My laptop doesn't heat up so much right now (it works as it should). But I have several problems (I probably forget to connect something, but I want make sure it isn't problem with software before I'll buy new parts) from the day I took out the case.

So problems with I have after the self-repair (started on Vista - where were working before I took the case - throught Windows 7 and Windows 8):

1. The main and most important:

I have HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50L DVD/CD-ROM Driver. My driver version is 21/06/2006 6.2.9200.16384. I can't read dual-layer DVDs, but I can read single layer DVDs. I check a few different DVDs to make sure that is not a problem with DVD. Is it problem with software or hardware?

2. Vista/Win7/Win8 doesn't see bluetooth device. But I have Wifi connection and when I took out the case I haven't noticed the separate bluetooth adapter so I assume it's build in Wifi addapter. Am I right? If yes, how it can be possible that I have Wifi and don't have bluetooth?

Thanks a lot for help!
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