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Default Problem with keyboard input


I am experiencing some strange symptoms with my laptop keyboard, and wanted to inquire about it. Thank you for being there!

My problem is with the keyboard of a HP/Compaq laptop, model NX6110, and I am using Windows XP. The keyboard is on the laptop itself, and is not a peripheral keyboard.

My problem focuses around the fact that my keyboard seems to be developing a problem with how it responds to touch. I am able to type on the keyboard just fine, but when I hold down a key to have it continuously type the same letter or number, it will only type it once. I have to "lift" my finger and press the key again to get it to type anything again. This also applies to the backspace key, the enter/return key, and the arrow keys, all where of course it is most noticeable.

The strange thing is that the problem seems to be intermittent. Today, it occurred for 6 hours (of straight on-the-computer time), and then disappeared (during the same straight on-the-computer time) without any changes to the computer or what I was doing.

Another strange thing is that when it does happen, it does not happen 100% of the time. When testing it during the time that it is happening, I can sometimes get a key to type 4-5 in a row, and then it will stop (which is strange, too), but this circumstance itself (in which it will type a *few* characters in a row, during the time that the problem is happening) happens only about 10% of the time. The fact that it is possible is something I thought I might mention, though.

I don't think that it is a problem with the keyboard needing cleaning, as it is happening to all of the keys.

I am not sure, but it seems to be a progressive problem. All of the keys not responding to holding them down began happening today, but I remember that the left arrow key (which I use a lot) started showing that symptom a few days ago. (That's just to the best of my memory. It may have been that all of the keys would have been doing it, but I didn't have another instance to notice it.)

Thus, based on that possibility, and the fact that it *is* varying from happening to not happening, one of my questions would definitely be regarding if this *is* a progressive problem or not, and am I about to lose the use of my keyboard, and thus my laptop.

Has anyone seen this problem before, or have an idea about what could be happening? *Is* it a progressive problem, as well, which will result in the loss of my keyboard?

I should mention that I am ill and bedridden, and can't easily take it in to a repair place. Also, I depend very heavily on it, medically, so I want to thank you in advance for all of your help.

Thank you so very, very much!


Additional thoughts, added later:

I don't have anyone nearby that has an external keyboard that I might borrow (for testing purposes), though that would probably help to isolate the problem. Is there another way of knowing what the problem could be? If the keyboard is starting to fail, would it be intermittent like this? Could it work just fine, have the problem for many hours, and then go back to working just fine? If it is a failing keyboard, what is the prognosis in terms of how fast it will fail? Will it continue to progress, or could it die all of one moment? Are the symptoms I'm seeing indicative of impending failure? Is a failing keyboard the only possibility of what might be happening?

I guess another question would be about logging back into my computer with a new keyboard, as my computer is set up with a password each time it's turned on. If the keyboard does die, and I then need to get an external keyboard after the fact, will the computer be able to recognize the brand new keyboard -- if it's never seen it before -- if there is a login screen when turning the computer back on? I understand that wired keyboards are normally "plug and play" when you first plug them in, but will the ability to be "plug and play", or the ability to be recognized when it's plugged in for the very first time, be blocked by the sign-in screen? In other words, can the laptop "see" the keyboard, for the very first time, if there is a login screen first? Does that block the keyboard from being noticed, if it's never been seen before? Is it a catch-22 ... where you need the new keyboard to sign into the computer, but the keyboard can't be recognized for the first time "through" the sign-in screen? [I hope that makes sense! I can see that I repeated myself many times, and still didn't explain it well!]

Thank you again, so very much!


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Default Re: Problem with keyboard input

hmmm. this sounds weird. that might be a hardware problem. try to connect another keyboard to the laptop and see if it helps. if it does then it is properly hardware malfunction.
i dont think i can help you with your problem, but i can give you a tip that might lessen the irritating.
i think the biggest problem about this issue is that the backspace can't hold down when you need it to.
like if you are gonna erase some text. if you hold down Control and press backspace it will erase a hole word and if you hold down Control and press Home it will erase a hole line. i think it will lessen your problem.
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