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Default Problem, help appreciated

This is my first time on these forums, a friend pointed me here a while back, I think, not sure if this is the website. Anyway, I posted this on another forum.

Not sure where this goes, please move it if it's in the wrong place.

Ok, so I got tweak-XP, and I was doing some changes, deleting a LOT(like over 3500) files that it said were unused(most .tmp files), and changing visuals and performance. Then it hit an error, something like "referenced file, memory could not be "read" [some numbers and letters]. It crashed, and since I had also gotten a new driver for video card, I decided to reboot. Well, it does my motherboard splash screen, then a little summary screen, then the windows loading thing, all normal. But after that, where normally it would transition to the welcome screen, I just get a black screen, with nothing going on. I doubt it's my video card's problem, as I can't hear my logon sound, and when I insert cds, I don't hear any intro music type stuff. And since I know my computer well enough, blindly navigating to restart or turn off computer doesn't do anything either.

Good news is that prior to this, I made some system restore checkpoints and backed up my registry, though they are no help if I can't even access anything in windows. So...what? Am I doomed? Is there a solution? And where's a good forum to post my technical issues at?

If this situation is so incredibly bad I suppose I could take my old computer and transfer my hard drive into its, and give it the most important files i want, and then clean the hard drive. But if there is a solution out there, that would make my day. and week.

I'm not sure if this is what you guys do here, but if there's a solution out there to either access system restore, or I suppose figure out the problem, that would be great.

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Default Re: Problem, help appreciated

Just insert your XP disc and do a repair installation. That should fix it for you.

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Default Re: Problem, help appreciated

Well actually someone on the other forums I was at reminded me of the safe mode feature, which worked. So no need for this thread anymore. Thanks though.
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