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Default Problem with hardware?

Computer: Acer Aspire 5517
Processor: 1.6ghz AMD TF-20
RAM and Video: 3 GB Integrated
Op System: Windows Vista 64 bit

I'm experiencing a problem with this computer, I believe it is hardware related but I just wanted some other opinions or solutions.

I play a java browser based game called runescape. Recently, while playing this game it starts to get laggy intermittently. The animations on the game begin to slow down for several seconds and it begins to speed up to normal rate after approximately 15 seconds. This also occurs watching videos like youtube, etc.

When I attempt to play mp3 files on the computer the music frequently skips as if it were an old fashioned portable cd-player.

Short version of this computer's history. This computer is a piece of junk, I've had to send it back to Acer technical support twice in 4 months of owning it. (once for power supply failure and another time because the operating system crashed). Acer wanted me to send it in a third time for the headphone jack ceasing to function. I refused to send it back because I became tired of having to pay for shipping and not having any sort of reimbursement for the time involved with the laptop being in for repairs.

Surprise surprise, the warranty has run out and now this issue with the lag is occurring.

I wanted to rule out a software issue to the best of my ability, so I did a reformat and reinstalled Vista. The problem persists. I wanted to say its a problem with the CPU as I have an old Dell computer and the cooling fan went out and did a very similar thing with the animations process slowing down to the point of ceasing to function..

As far as I know, the cooling fan on this laptop is functioning properly and all drivers are current. Any thoughts?

thanks for reading.

Additional details for clarity: This problem also occurs with videos being played on the computer's harddrive itself. (On VLC media player) Its not exclusive to browser or internet based activities. As far as I can tell since this problem started occurring there is nothing from looking at the Task Manager programs running, there is nothing new that is eating all the computers resources (as to cause everything else to be sluggish)
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