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Default PowerIso XP Question....

After I reformat a computer isnt there a way to somehow save something as a image and burn it to a disc with poweriso? I need like a how-to or walk through please....This would be greatly appreciated and a HUGE help!


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Default Re: PowerIso XP Question....

ok im giving this instructions on power iso v3.0

but should be similar throught all versions.

Making An Image From A Disc In Your DVD Drive
goto start / all programs / power ISO

then click power ISO.

when it loads you should see something like this.

click on the copy button along the top (to the left of compress, and the right of delete)

this will bring up a box like this,

choose the DVD drive you wish to take an image from, and then i like to select it as .iso as the destination file, you can choose whatever you like.

and jus below the file extensions there is a file path, i think the default is C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\*DVD NAME*.iso
you can click the ... to change this to a custom location.

click OK and it will begin making the image file.


Burning An Image From A Pre-Made Disc Or Downloaded .iso/.daa etc

Ok there are a few ways to do this but this is how i do it,

goto start / all programs / power ISO

then click power ISO.

again it should look like the first image show above,

click the open button along the top located next to the "new" button.

a file browsing window should open, use this to locate the image you wish to burn,

once you have found it click open this will take you back to the main screen and show you the contents of the image file, you may wish to check the contents are correct before following the next step.

click on the burn button and that will bring up a nex window like this 1,

in the burning drive select the drive with a blank c.d in it which u wish to burn the image to, this usually doesnt need changing if u only have 1 burner.

next is the burn speed, you can leave this at the default maximum but if i am burning i usually lower the speed, i tend to use about 16X for cd's and 4X for DVD's
(burning images slower usually results in less data loss and higher success rate, but will take longer)

burning method should be left to TAO,

final option will be to check if thee image your burning needs to be on a c.d or a DVD if it needs to be on a DVD check the DVD disc button.

now checking the correct blank media is in the correct drive, hit the burn button.

note. when burning some images that are not .iso format Power ISO will sometimes convert the image first.


any questions please ask i have been using power ISO for a long time and believe i know alot about the program.

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Default Re: PowerIso XP Question....

Awesome! What I needed..Thanks!
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Default Re: PowerIso XP Question....

Originally Posted by religion2386 View Post
Awesome! What I needed..Thanks!
I don't know if you could use that as a install disc though, if that's what you're trying to do...
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