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Default Re: possible to hide your ip address from file sharing?

Originally Posted by Paradox
Im sorry But you are mistaken. If we had no filesharing we would not have the internet. Everything you do on the internet is done with files.

I may not be familiar with other countries, But I would like you point out, Its not right to say Its legal or not in a single nonconditional statement. You have to look at the variables. Do they own the copy rights? Do they live in ________? Do the work for company _______?

For now I am going to base My statement on American Congress.

It is not illegal to download a file at all. You only commit a crime If you upload those files to other people, Or transfer them to another person in some way or another. Period. End of story.

July 16th, 2003. Peer to Peer sharing is running rampant in all countries with mass connection to the internet. In a desperate attempt to end the copyright infringement Congress passes a law stating that would land a person in prison for five years and impose a fine of $250,000 for distributing Copyrighted materials to another person.

Why did they do this? Because a bill passed by President Clinton during his Time as president, and still standing today, States that It is illegal for any person to access anothers confidential files without that person being informed prior to the incident.

If they were to find the people downloading they would be breaking the very law they just wrote, If they were to look in our computers they would be breaking the very law Clinton wrote.

In answer to the question this thread posed, You do not even need to worry about having your government get your internet protocol address. I think the only country has not passed some sort of confidentiality law Is china, and I havent seen any Odd characters on this site other than members So I dont think we have any chinese here :P

But basically Similar cases have happened in a majority of all major countries. As a statistical majority It is Illegal to transfer music to other people, Not to get it for your own entertainment. That is why whenever you download off of Peer to Peer networks it is best to block whatever outgoing port range that program uses on your firewall so you dont break any laws.

your mistaken not me, first off i am not saying file sharing is illegal i am talking about music once again... and once again i am not worried about anybody looking at my files... as i already stated that i was just wondering if it was possible to hide your ip address because the older kazaa claimed it could, besides i live in canada anyways where it is legal to share, upload music and movies, why don't you read a bit more before you post? and do you think that a law is going to stop the music companies from trying to sue people? i don't think so, in the u.s. when they sue people for for music copyrighting they have a choice, the person being sued can either try to some how prove that they violated there privacy rights and not pay anything if they can prove it, but if they lose they will have to pay the music company a lot of money (say they would have to pay them 10,000$) OR they could go for a settlement of 3,000$ that is how the companies fuck people over

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Default Re: possible to hide your ip address from file sharing?

I've heard that some people get charged several hundred dollars per song. Ouch.

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Default Re: possible to hide your ip address from file sharing?

notice there hasn't been a response yet from paradox

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