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Default Pocket PC help

Hey, my mate has just got a HP iPAQ 2400 and it has many ways of connecting to the internet, yet he doesn't have a Bluetooth activated phone so he can't conncet that way, and just wants to connect wirelessly to use MSN and Internet. It has WiFi but he has no idea how to set it up, and niether do I.
He's here now, and were both trying to get it working, though it keeps going to Bluetooth.

It does allow for a network card to be inserted into it though. Would this make it work? What would you have to do to get it working? Would it be a free connection if for example it could support GPRS? Or wouldn't this work on a network card?

What network cards would work on this pocket PC?

I'm sorry about all the questions, but he really wants to get it working
I'll appreciate any help, and I'm sure he will

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Default Re: Pocket PC help

I don't have my axim anymore, but I think there's an option to disable bluetooth under control pannel/communications. Now mine didn't actually have bluetooth so I'm not 100% sure on all this, but I had no problems getting it online using wifi.

I have seen some compact flash cards that can use a cellphone sim card and connect to the net, but they usally don't get the best reviews...

I assume you mean network card as in wired. I never found a good deal for my Axim. They are usaully twice as much as wifi cards, or more. I wonder why they are so expensive... It's probably cheaper to just buy a little wireless access point and bring it with you
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