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Default Please Read - Posting a New Thread v2.0

If you’re here, then it’s safe to assume that Googling for an answer has not yielded results, and thus led you here. We’re always glad to help a newcomer with their troubles, but please try to help us by following these guidelines:

Thread title – This is rather self-explanatory, but try to make the title the best short description of your problem as you can. If your computer keeps restarting with a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) then don’t title your thread “Computer Problems”, but rather “BSoD Restarts” or “Computer Keeps Restarting, BSoD”.

Grammar and Spelling – Please, try to use your best grammar and spelling. If you’re writing sentences with no periods it can be rather hard to understand exactly what you’re asking. We can’t help unless we know exactly what problems you’re experiencing. Poor grammar and spelling can only get in the way.

Asking for Help – If you’re not specific in describing the problems you’re experiencing it can be hard for us to determine the source of the issue. Tell us what triggered the problem, how long it lasts, and what exactly the problem is. Also, it is very important that you are specific on telling us what component has an issue (if applicable). For example, don’t tell us that your mouse is not working. Tell us that your LOGITECH mouse it not clicking properly. Be as specific as you can be.

Computer Specs – It would save us a lot of time if you could post your computer’s specifications for us. Generally, the easiest way of going about this is to go to the “Start Menu”, then click on “Run” (if you’re using Windows XP) or click on the text box that says “Search programs and files” (if you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7) and type “dxdiag”. A prompt regarding digital signature (I can’t remember exactly what it says because that message box is disabled on my system) should pop-up asking you whether you want to proceed or not, simply click “Yes”. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool should now be open in front of you. In it, there will be 4 tabs: System, Display, Sound, and Input. All we need from you is to copy and paste the information in the first 3 tabs. Under system information, the “Current Date/Time” and “Computer Name” sections are not needed. You can start copying right after that. If you’re not handy with keyboard shortcuts: Highlight the text you want to copy (all but those first 2 fields), hit “Ctrl” + “C”. Click on the field that you’re posting your thread and hit “Ctrl” + “V”. The information should now have been copied to the thread text box.

Note: The specifications listed in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool only give us information on certain components. In most cases, this is all that we’ll need, but we may still ask you for other information should we need it. We’ll make sure to explain how to get any additional information.

Asking for Suggestions, Build Threads – If you’re asking us what parts you should buy or which component is the best, we’ll answer you with our OPINIONS. Each member has a preference to a brand or a model. They’ve each had different experiences with various products. Don’t take an answer to be the best because there is no best product. We’ll try our best to offer you a range of options rather than just one.

If you follow these guidelines, we’ll be able to help you quicker and more efficiently.

Thank you for reading,

Please Read – A Reminder to Active Members

Technical support threads – When answering these types of questions, please read the first post carefully. Please avoid arguments with other members and try to keep the posts on topic. The user came to us for help, not to watch us argue. Try to provide alternative solutions to a problem; not everyone has the budget to start anew or the skills to fix something by themselves. When suggesting components, or evaluating choices by the user, please always double checks that components are compatible; it should go without saying, really. Always be polite. While the user may truly not know the nature of the issue, let’s not put him/her down because of it. Above all remember that the forum is a community and that we all learn from each other, it’s not about post count, but about the quality of the information that we provide. The more that we show that we provide high quality support and advice the more likely we are to continue to attract new members and enhance the community of ComputerForums.

Build threads – These are probably one of the most common types of threads active members answer. People will post parts they want to purchase and ask us if they’re compatible, or maybe they have a budget and need us to pick the parts. Regardless of the circumstances, always offer at least one build that fits their budget. I know a lot of us, and me personally, like to find the best-bang-for-the-buck deals, but for some magical reason that’s always slightly over the user’s budget. Lastly, let’s keep the fanboy comments at a low. Try to offer both sides of the coin explaining pros and cons.

Guides and reviews – If you’re writing a guide or a review please use a thread title of the following formats: “Guide: [Title]” or “Review: [Title]”. This will make lives a whole lot easier when active members, forum leaders, or newcomers are searching for guides and reviews.

Once again, I would like to thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions please PM me or a mod who can edit this thread. We’re trying to keep it clean looking, so less replies make a speedier read for everyone.


I would like to give credit to Wombat, ArrizX, GlasseyeUK and mfrostbutter for some of the ideas written in this thread.

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Default Re: Please Read - Posting a New Thread v2.0

Me: You'd think as the dominant species we wouldn't be so effing stupid.
J: We're just intelligent enough to be completely effing stupid.
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