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Exclamation Please help unknown hardware issue

Hello, sorry if it's a little too long, I'm trying not to leave anything out.

I've recently upgraded my system with a few tigerdirect parts/bundle. I got an AMD dual core 6000+ processor, a GeForce 6100 mobo, 8500GT, and a 250gb sata harddrive. I also got a case for free, that was absolutely awful, but came with a 450W power supply.

This is how it all started. All of my files from my old PC were on my old HD, which had an IDE cable, and not a sata one. My motherboard only has one IDE controller, hence the only thing I figured out I can do is swap between my dvd drive, to my old HD and back.

I ended up doing this a few times to get all of my old data off the HD. Recently though, I remembered that I saved something very big on there, and was too lazy to just re-install it using dicks, so I've decided to do a one final swap.

As usual my power is off, unlock the case, switch cables, go for the data!

PC turned on just fine, everything copied, I turned off my computer & power. Replaced the cables, shut the case, and here is where I'm still stuck.

The PC turns on just fine, does not beep so there's really no indications that it might be the RAM. It lights on, fan's spinning just fine, but my 19" Samsung LCD monitor button just keeps blinking...

I thought that when I was swapping a little static could've been left in the mobo or something, or I did it very roughly and broke the board.

Today I replaced my mobo with something similar, just a newer northbridge and even bought a new case. Still, upon replacing the parts I found myself ballistic to the fact that there was absolutely no sign of improvement.

I've tested my hard drive by trying to use my old one, and it still wouldn't work. I don't believe it's the ram. I unplugged everything I could, but cannot see the dilemma. I tried using my old integrated gfx card, and another very old 9250 PCI graphics card, and still... Just a blinking light, that's it.

I tried connecting the blue monitor wire to the laptop and it worked. My monitor even shows "check signal" menu upon entirely detaching the blue wire from everything.

I am very lost, and angry right now. I can't seem to narrow it down, but to me it seems like it might be the power supply, but I don't understand how the PC seems to be perfectly turning on.

I even tested it with speakers and I can see that the computer itself does not turn on, just the lights and the fan... Could it somehow be my CPU? But I did not touch it at all when this problem first began...

I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me fix this major issue....

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Default Re: Please help unknown hardware issue

check the 4 pin wire from the psu and make sure you have it tightly connected to the mobo. Also try reseating your RAM, processor and the other psu cable (just to make sure they didn't accidently come loose).
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