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Default Please Help ME

I just got my computer about a month or two ago and have had problems since it has arrived. First, It was custom made and i had two hard drives put into it. One is a 160gb hd running at 7200 rpm the other is a 36.7gb gaming hd running at 10000 rpm. I wanted the default drive to be the 160gb so it would get all the crap i put on the computer and i could save the other for games. Well, when i got the comp windows was installed on the smaller/faster one. I decided to switch this before i got a lot of stuff on the computer. So i put in the restore disc that came with my pc and reinstalled it on the other drive.
Now i have a new problem, whenever i try to start up my computer, it gets to the windows loading screen and freezes(ie. the little bars goin across, stop). I have tried installing windows on both drives now and neither work....From what i see, i would guess a software problem, but i am not very experienced and am probably wrong. I suppose it could be HD related, but what are the chances of both HDs being bad??? Maybe the Mother board??

It starts in safe mode...other than that....nuthin

Let me know if you have an idea... its almost summer and i want to get htis thing fixed so i can play 24/7
amd athlon 4000+ : 160gb HD 7200rpm : 36.7gb HD 10,000rpm : EVGA nForce4 SLI chipset SATA RAID Dual PCI-E Mainboard : 2048 MB pc3200 400mhz dual channel DDR Memory : NXTZ PF-500watt power supply

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Default Re: Please Help ME

I jsut say if you arent worried about losing any data on either of the drives then just format them both!, Then put the cd in and recover only one drive um err try that idk if i will work but you can try it

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Default Re: Please Help ME

I've reformatted multiple times and have tried just usin one drive and its still not working.
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