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Default Please Help Massive memory error

Okay I am new to these forums and i'd like first to say hello to everyone.

I have an old computer (Pentium 2 proccesor 64 Megs of ram, 3 gigs of memory) I ran norton disk doctor off and older version norton system works.

I had loose chains and clusters, which I fixed. And then my file allocation tables where some how corrupt and my memory file was showing too small or too big results.

Well I fixed all these errors without restarting and decided to defragment my drive (I later found out it is 70% fragmented) I couldn't find disk defragment so I installed a program off the net that defragments your drive. I installed this and ran it, it said it had to restart to work. So I restarted. This is where the problems began

When my computer began to load I got a blue screen saying that my computer memory is dangerously low and that norton anti virus cant run, I got error messages that spool and other programs could not run. And then I got the error message: Your computer does not have enough memory to run explorer.exe reinstall windows. I know that mydoom does something similar but I dont think this is the case.

I then tried rebooting, no difference. So I ran in safe mode which suprisingly worked! Then I uninstalled the defragement program. I had created a backup when changing the files on norton disk doctor, so my first task was to undo what I had done.

To cut a long story short, I loaded my computer on selective startup and managed to run the computer in normal mode. the problem is no program will run, they all say I do not have enough memory. I couldn't access my norton system works disk to undo my changed because this too just said that I didn't have enough memory. I have 1.9 gigabytes free which is half free, so I am not actually at my limit...

I managed to run disk docter and undo my changed because I found it on my machine (I did this in safe mode) and then I restarted and nothin has changed. When I first managed to get my computer working in selective startup (normal mode) it started defragmenting. The program I downloaded seemed just to use the windows one, which is idealy what I wanted, so I think I can run the windows one if I can find it...

Well thats my problem, if anyone can help me I would seriously appreciated. In the meantime I will try and defragment (unfortunately I cant use a system works programs that defragments very effectively, because it cant run in safe mode)


P.S Sorry my message is so long

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Default Re: Please Help Massive memory error

Why not just install Window and forget about Disk Doc and all that nonsense.How did you get to think you needed it ? It seems to have done more harm then good.Format and try again.
Stop tweaking till you think you need to.
Do this and get back or
anytime EDT.
or icq if you can get here you can get there.
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