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Old 01-24-2005, 06:27 PM   #1
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Default Please Help!!

ok guys so i went into my pc today, i took off the case because i wanted to see what type of soyo motherboard i had. and so i left the side panel off for a while, because i wanted to look inside and see what the parts looked like, etc and plus it just looks cool. and so about after 2 hours of my pc being on, i went downstairs only to see a black screen. i moved the mouse thinking its a screensaver, and then i come to find that the computer is frozen. i reboot the comp, and then it goes thorugh memory check and then it says its looking for the ICE drivers or soemthign like that. well thats not important. what is important is the fact that i CANNOT even get into windows, and is just says its searching for like 2 hours. i waited, and then i found out that something had happened. so i go and open my case again, knowing that it is some sort of hardware problem. so i go inside, everything seems to be in tact, and everything looks good. oh yeah and when i boot up my pc, it makes a long beeep and then it makes a sound like the hard drive is shifting. i belive its normal seeing how a lot of other comps ive been on has the exact same thing. but this time, the hard drive sound does not make the shifting sound and i will not load into windows. so like i was saying i move some of the parts around, unplus replug wires, and then i reboot and i can get into windows. it does make the sound like the hard drive is shifting, but it doesnt sound right. it sounds very odd and differnet. so i go into windows and i am typing a paper for school and making sure save it incase the computer freezes, and then about half way thorugh the paper the computer makes like a rebooting sound inside, and then freezes. very odd. so its not a major hardeware problem, seeing how windows works, cpu is going at it, and everything else. im not too sure whats going on here, but i do know that its not something really complex. and help at all would be GREAT! thanks !!

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yeah.. it seems my pc is working fine now. ah hell i dont even know whats going on it just booted up fine and everything works. i think i just needed to shift some hardware. ah well ill let you know if anything else happens

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Default Re: Please Help!!

Thank the ittle ppl inside your PC.
For You
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