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Default Playing games over the network.

Alright, this is for playing games and watching movies over the network. I've looked online and still haven't found the answer I'm looking for.

I'm going to use the school as an example first, but the majority of the activity happens at my house.

Alright, say in a lab with 30 computers we pick any given computer, the name being XX1. We can install a game on that computer, go to another computer,XX2, (that is ont he network) and access it by going ro Run and putting in \\XX1\c$

Through there we can access the game that we installed. My question is: Whose getting the pull? Is XX1 getting most of the pull? Or is XX1 getting some of it and XX2 is getting the rest?

One explanation was that when you access the game from XX1 on the XX2 computer, the game gets "saved" in XX2's ram. When you access the game, it's going through XX2's ram and no load is put on the network at all. My question to that is: Why can I open the game on XX2 and I'm instantly able to play, BUT I can't copy the whole game from XX1 and XX2 instantly? I mean, I know I can't... I'm just wondering about the ram thing.

I want to know who's getting the load - ram, video card, ect. It would be running off of XX1s (hdd) rpm though right?

And is the network taking any damage? The administrator is complaining about there not being a whole lot of space on the network. Is the 14gb game going through the network, basically taking up the space? Thus taking up space for every computer accessing it? If there are three computers accessing it off of XX1, 42gbs are getting taken up?

Lol.. someone clear this up for me please...


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