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Default Re: Phase2: Receiving, Building, & Overclocking New Gaming Rig

Turbo Mode -is- enabled, this is what's locking my variable core clocks?


If I can't use Speedstep/C1E with variable core clocks, should I just stick with Turbo Mode so that I can?

SpeedStep/C1 state is NOT related to turbo mode or OC. Simply off when benchmarking, on when not. Allows CPU to throttle down when low use or idle; also lowers CPU voltage.

If 4.4 GHz was almost stable at stock voltage, would it be better to bump up the voltage, or just reduce the OC to 4.2-4.3 GHz? You mentioned that the difference between 4.2 GHz and 4.6 GHz isn't even really noticeable right now, I think I might just lower it to 4.2 GHz if I can get that stable @ stock voltage.

For 24/7 OC just stick with the Multi, thus CPU freq, you can reach at stock voltage.

Also, would there be any difference between 4.2 GHz @ stock voltage and 4.3 GHz @ stock voltage in terms of chip longevity?[/QUOTE]

Yes, but very slight, not enough to worry about. If you can hit 4.3GHz at stock voltage that's great.

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