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Default Perfect PMP

REQUIREMENTS FOR A PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER = 16:9 Screen, Minimum 20GB capacity, Video capability. (ZVM is out because of its microscopic 4:3 screen, iPod touch is out because its 16GB and its not 16:9, contrary to popular belief)

Archos 605 Wi-Fi

* Touchscreen - Can install Operating Systems! (basically a PocketPC)


* good bang for your buck

* Great screen, just like the Cowon (16 mill colors), except this one has 800x480 !


* SLOW and LAGGY - in touch response and overall power, streaming media is slow (VIEWER please clarify, how slow is it?)

* 30GB - isn't too bad, considering you get a PocketPC with Wi-Fi

* Crappy money-hungry Archos codec-buying requirements

* Complicated interface, although not so bad, considering what you get

Cowon A2

* All the same features and compatibility as the Creative ZVW

* Excellent audio and screen

* GREAT BATTERY LIFE - SERIOUSLY its a LOT better than its competition in this field


* Thick (with the Archos, Wi-Fi makes up for everything, but this doesn't have Wi-Fi)

* Bad navigation system and firmware updating system (this seems to be a big problem among owners)

* 30GB for $300 blows

Creative Zen Vision W

* Excellent compatibility and playback

* Lovely OS and UI, very customizable, wonderful Creative quality

* Compactflash Slot (seems useless BUT with converters, can read any card, including SD's)


* Thick (like the Cowon), and it looks really ghetto (yes, i'll say it: the A2 looks a lot cooler - of course, very minor)

* Crappy battery life - Seriously

* 262k screen, instead of 16mill

__________________________________________________ ___
Archos looks like a winner here, although I still wouldn't get it, because I want don't want cheapness (slow touch response and streaming doesnt exactly scream QUALITY)

In quality and such, the Creative wins. But Battery is a HUGE thing for PMP's, and if a crappy one will greatly cut the fun (as well as the rating) short. Nothing is perfect, but sadly, nothing is REALLY close (Archos isn't REALLY close because of its slowness).

Now with mini players, theres a different story - the ZEN is very close to perfect.
AND: Why do I put so much emphasis on 16:9? Look around you - All new video content, especially on DVD and in HD, is WIDESCREEN! I'm not paying $200 or $300 or more just to get BLACK BARS and only to use 60% of my screen

gimme ur thoughts guys
this was copied from a post on Epizenter.net
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