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Default Pent III 1.2 GHz or Celeron 1.4 GHz...

This computer right now has a Celeron 1.0 GHz, I would like it to go a bit faster. Also, would I be able to overclock this CPU or any other with this board? My guess is probably not.
My motherboard is the one of the revised ones so they can take the upper CPU's. How much would the Pent. III or Celeron cost? Where to buy? Is it even worth the extra boost? Our older computer is a Celeron 600 MHz, and as far as I can tell, there is a big difference between the two.

Another thing is to add a graphics card. What one for under 200 max? (around $100 is better) This will be primarily a "kids game" computer. The best game on it will be Zoo Tycoon. Do I even need a graphics card for the kids games, or should I spend the $ on a better graphics card for the new computer? (another story/post)

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Default Re: Pent III 1.2 GHz or Celeron 1.4 GHz...

Sorry for the long wait. I've seen your post and nobody has answered so far. Well the difference would be great. A Celeron 1.0ghz processor compared to a 1.2ghz P3, the P3 would win hands down. The Celerons are made for basic tasks like surfing the web and word processing. The P3 is made for more multimedia related tasks. I would reccommend upgrading but not to a P3. With prices these days, you could built a world class computer at a fraction of the price, and it would perform tons better than a P3.

If you still wanted to buy the P3 however, you could look on newegg.com. I'm not sure if they even make those anymore. I'd recommend you buy a AMD 939 mobo like the ASUS SLi board, and a AMD 64 3200+. You could overclock that bad boy to a 3500+. Also, if you buy a good motherboard chances are that its intergrated graphics will be enough to handle basic games and graphic tasks. I strongly recommend getting a good graphics card though, because even the older games will only play with certain chipsets. A good card is the nVidia 6600gt, or the ATI x850xt. Both are under 200 dollars I believe. Good luck, and hope I helped.
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