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Hey, I'm been interested in updating my computer but I really want to know what are the best options. I've been studying about this alot, and know that my computer probably isn't the best to upgrade, but oh well, it's what I have to deal with. I got it for college and my dad wouldn't go for anything but a Dell.

Dell Dimension 3000
Pentium 4 (3 GHz, HT w/ 800 fsb)
1 GB ddr ram
Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (what i want to replace)
80 GB Hard drive
Soundblaster Live! 24-bit soundcard

I have studied and found that my system can only support PCI, not PCI-Express or anything else. The best PCI card seems to be the GeForce 5700LE w/ 256 mb. With that card, how much of a performance upgrade will I noitce? I did notice that lots of those forums were older, and was wondering if anything new or better is out. Price is no problem for the card, as most PCI cards don't go higher than $150. On the other hand, I have noticed that maybe I should just go with a whole new motherboard that supports PCI-Express. I don't really know much about that, or how much it would cost. If you think a new motherboard is the best option, I would like to know more about that, what options I have, or even if a new motherboard/graphics card combo would fit in my Dimension 3000.

BTW!!! I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer. The reason for a new graphics card is faster loading with the games I have and also better visuals. I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Galaxies. They run pretty well on my computer, it's just that they are on the lowest settings and take a while to load.
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