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Old 06-15-2005, 09:03 PM   #1
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Default Pci

I've noticed some motherboards come with PCI-Express x16 instead of AGP 4x/8x now. Whats the catch? Should I go for the AGP 4x/8x or the PCI mobo? Will AGP be obsolete now that this PCI-express is out?


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Default Re: Pci

wether or not obsolete, no probably not for a few more years but just like any technology of the computer industry....AGP has served its purpose and it is time to start moving on. Go PCIe from now on.

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Default Re: Pci

No catch. It's just a newer card interface system. It uses more lines to communicate with more parts of the computer separately so that everything doesn't have to share fewer lines. PCI-e is going to replace normal PCI slots, as well. There are different speeds, and the higher the speed, the bigger the slot. Currently, PCI-e comes in x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, and x32. Most add-on cards will probably only need x1 or x2. Graphics cards obviously send and receive a lot more data, so x16 is the standard for gfx right now.

Overall, it's WAYYYY better, faster, and more efficient than the normal PCI/AGP architecture. If you're getting a motherboard, PCI-e is highly recommended. Even if you don't plan on upgrading much, the price difference between a PCI only motherboard and a PCI-e equipped motherboard is nominal. Go with PCI-e.
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Default Re: Pci

It's cheaper to buy a AGP MOBO and video card, thats about it. if you plan on upgrading in the near future go with AGP x8 for now then upgrade to PCI-E next time. the video cards for both are equal right now, but already they are making the PCI-E cards first then if they have time they relese a AGP x8 one later.
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Default Re: Pci

Not a huge difference as of now except for the fact that AGP can't run dual cards, but I think it's better to go PCI-E just cuz that's where technology is headed, you need to keep as updated as you possibly can so I would go with it just so you can be prepared for the future.
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Default Re: Pci

If you want to be conscience of the changimg times and don't want to have to upgrade soon the PCI Express is the only way to go.
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Default Re: Pci

Yeah I agree the PCI-E is the best option to go for for a new system now
Plus if your interested and you get a capable motherboard, you can get SLI (Nvidia), or even the new CrossFire (ATI) when its available.

This allows you to use two video cards at once for games and if you wanted 4 monitors running at once for example

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