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Old 03-06-2006, 09:10 PM   #31
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Im scared shitless of them. I know their true power. Yes, i've been banned twice. But its not exactly as their gods, as much as Kage is just a really, really nice person, and doesnt deserve to be taked to that way..

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Old 03-06-2006, 09:27 PM   #32
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

First of all, you can use a plug and play controller with all the capabilities that a ps2 ps3 xbox 360 controller has. I heard they have Xbox 360 controller you can use on your PC now. So there is that.

Secondly, PC hardware evolves a lot more than consoles do which has already been stated a few times.

All i have to say about the matter is this... console gaming is NOT as competitive as online PC gaming. As goes for offline gaming.. The graphics for PC games destroy anything out there right now. Look at Lost Coast that features High Dynamic Range lighting. That is an evolution in games that marks a new era and guess who did it? Valave software, a computer based development company.

The thing is, there are games that are PC - Console crossbreeds like Halo 1 and Half Life and Far Cry and many others. With this in mind, consoles are good because they can be easily transported and in most cases set-up easily.

Another good feature about console is the multiplayer capabilities. Multiplayer parties don't always require multiple xbox's or PS's because they are already set-up to accomidate more than one player where as PC normally only has accomidations for one person.

The other issue is money. Who has the money to pay for a great gaming PC? Only gaming enthusiasts are really investing a lot of money into a good PC. Therefor consoles are more affordable.

Another issue is that some games are console specific and not put out onto PC.

Too many differences to compare one to the other except for technicalities in my opinion. I say a true gamer has a PC and a console or two or three or 10.

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Old 03-06-2006, 09:34 PM   #33
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a Logitech gamepad controller designed for a PC than to use a 360 or a PS2 controller on a PC? I don't understand the logic of why people would want to use gaming console control pads for the PC when there are gamepads available designed to run for the PC. The Logitech Rumplepad 2 Gamepad is great. It looks exactly like the PS2 gamepad. There are the two analog joysticks on the pad and the cross directional pad as well, all the buttons are there including the trigger buttons up at the very front.
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Old 03-06-2006, 09:57 PM   #34
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

I think the reason for that is because people are used to playing a game on the console controller. Halo, for example. People got so used to that on the Xbox controller, that it felt absolutely foreign to them using the keyboard/mouse (which I find a lot better than controllers, personally) and they just "had" to get a controller to maximize their experience. I had a friend who was that way, so that's how I know.
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Originally Posted by mammikoura
Yeah, but I've never heard anyone saying that any of the controllers would be as good in FPS as a mouse and keyboard is. Also I've never heard of anyone who prefers to play driving games with analog sticks instead of a driving wheel.
And that is one of the great things in pc, u can choose what kind of controller u use. I'm pretty sure that u can even buy an x-box 360 controller and use it with ur own pc.
Preference. Remember that.

Uhh, you can connect a driving wheel to the Xbox 360 provided that the game supports one. USB is all you need.

Yes, the Xbox 360 controller works with the PC. It has to be the wired one, because it uses USB. Your computer will just detect it as a gamepad, and so will your games.
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Old 03-07-2006, 02:00 AM   #36
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Its alright people, thanks for the support, but more likely, I think that guy is stressed out I said that about his precious PC Its true though, or maybe its because I didn't mention the PS3 which will be the same in power? Tut Tut...I didn't did I...


As for controllers, for first person shooters, a keyboard and mouse is alot more accurate than any analog stick config/digital pad in reality. Though, some people can get rather skilled with it. Its what you use the most I guess.

On my gamecube for example (which i hate to blazes ) I managed to grasp the concept of two analogs controlling movement and pivot but quite hard if you haven't really used it.

I find a wheel really hard for example (especially with force feedback), haven't had one of my own, but when I use one at a mates, I just can't control it, but I have grasped analog configs, and up down left right on a keyboard

Never the less, I let my dad have a go on the wheel at one point, and he couldn't control it either, even though he couldn't drive, and it was Gran Turismo I believe. Said the wheel didn't respond reasticially enough.


The only problem with a console is finding a room to use it. All the time, my family are in very room, but when i'm on PC, I don't play games, so I can only really play games at night or in the day (sometimes). Though I haven't played my Gamecube or Dreamcast in a while now...


But yeah, we've learnt controllers, etc are important. Maybe though for example the Revoloutioon (even though some people hate it already), the idea of the controller acting like a gun pointer, etc like a light gun type config should really work to alot of peoples tastes, and might be more accurate.


Trust me though when I say that in the short term (until graphics hardware gets double the power of whats in now (might take a year and a half or so) the consoles of now (PS3 and XBOX 360) will still beat the PC in graphics, simply because the games aren't utilised like I said.
Though a PC to console port, isn't going to do the Xbox60 justice for example, just like in my opinion, the Unreal 3 engine won't, since its built for PC as well, and the game I doubt will be changed for a console port which is able for alot more RIGHT now, even if the card in your PC is of very high spec. The developers just can't work for it, unless of course, you shove up resoloutions insanely high, using the power for another purpose.


As for Consoles being upgradable, this is entirely plausible, but since developers utilise. If you did upgrade, and could upgrade memory for example, they wouldnt be able to take use of it in games, since developers would still have to take note of people who haven't upgraded.

One way Nintendo got through this in consoles was to add extra chips into cartridges with games. I guess that could still be done in a way.
And the latest Zelda if I believed on N64, needed an extra memory chip I believe.


Though saying this, 1 of the 8 SPE's on the PS3 have been stopped in production to speed up the process for launch, and get alot of working chips out, compared to what they would if they turned all 8 on (7 working on production chips)

They've decided, when they can turn the chips 8th SPE on, they can't use it for games, as it'd be unfair, so thats one problem they've encountered.
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Okay, sorry to all you guys for being rude, but its very anoying to me to hear someone go off subject, yes indeed he was no doubt about it, trust me, i simply am talking about power not the games at this point, that would be reffering to the GAMES, (the use of POWER the GAMES are made with or anything in that manner). Now its in the form where a elementary kid can understand. I apologize to admin and anyone else i pissed off, wont happen again.
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Old 03-07-2006, 04:56 PM   #38
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Originally Posted by Dev0115
OMG...Why do you guys consider the mods as gods. Yes most of them are very very good with computers and do know what they're talking about and i dont have anything against them. But why do you huys always go on about "you have balls to talk to him like that" Its really only a forum he gets his account disabled and moves on to another one its no big deal lol....And no too all the mods i dont have nothing against you just wondering why everyone is so scared...the worst that can happens is u get ur account diabled not like your computer will blow up into pieces or sometinhg lol
I agree..this is a forum i guarntee some of the mods are just lil dorky 16 yr. old that sit in front of there computer KAGE i dont mean u..i dont have nething against them either but they arent gods!
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Exclamation Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

Originally Posted by blewandowski_69
kage is off subject, were not talking about the games available for the systems. Its about the power. Num nuts.
Being abusive to a mod is an offence & could get you barred , Watch yourself Kage must be in a good mood today, see comments on posts 22 & 23

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Old 03-08-2006, 05:55 AM   #40
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Default Re: Pc will Always Kick console's Butt

This is another1 of those pointless arguments that will go on forever.
Then another thread will be made about it, then another (so on so forth)
I think alot of the Times you guys here just argue lol but Personly i think that Computer will always be better than Console...its just...a fact of life, plus the analog controlers are way to jumpy i mean ppl are skilled but i don't lyke them, i much rather a good old mouse and a keyboad.

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