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Question PC question

Hello all, I am new here. I didn't know where else to go to ask questions about computers so I thought I'd start here.
I am going to be purchasing a PC in the next few months but don't know what to get. I don't do gaming on the PC except FB and pogo. I would like to start doing montages of videos tho. I do not want anything that costs an arm and a leg, but I don't want to go cheapest either. I have a Gateway monitor, so not sure if I need to buy another monitor with the new computer or not. I think my monitor works real well. Anyways...I was hoping someone could help me with what I need:


Brands to stay away from:


Hard Drive:

Video Graphics:


Thank you in advance for any and all info anyone could provide for me.

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Default Re: PC question

hi dakdso.
will i dont know what FB and POGO is. but i will assume that thay are CPU based games or very low perfromance for a GPU needed.
if you are happy with the screen then keep it. it will work with i new pc. you can get converters if the monitor is using vga and you only have DVI in your computer.
BTW by saying you have a gateway monitor does not say anything. same if i say that i have a samsung.... which samsung, there are alot of samsung monitors.

it looks like you know a little about computers. are you goin to build it your self?
i dont think you are but i am just making sure.

if you are not gonna build it, i will recommend getting a custom PC. there are internet stores that will allow you to choose yourself what you want in the computer.
those stores has a limited list of things you can choose, but you still have somewhat a freedom to choose what you want to spend more money on or less money on whats within the PC.

those prebuild pc's that manufacturers are scrambling together almost always has 1 or more components that is i bit to good or a bit to bad for your need, so you are paying for something that you dont need or paying too little and getting something that is not good enough, which was just waste of money becouse you now need to go use money on a upgrade.

there are alot of brands. it is about opinion that brand we like. i personaly dont like packard bell and dell. also dont like anything that apple has made.

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Default Re: PC question

If your from the USA use newegg it's the best and echonatek is a genious and will give you great advice!!
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Old 08-18-2011, 08:08 AM   #4
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Default Re: PC question

Facebook and Pogo games don't seem to be too demanding at a glance, so graphics wise an average card will/should suffice. If you plan on building the PC, you could probably get the components for cheaper than an already built PC, however you will need to have a bit of knowledge on where each part goes. From your post, it seems like you will be buying a pre-built PC, which makes things a little bit easier in terms of what to look for. Getting a custom built PC would be probably be the best idea if you aren't building it yourself, yet don't want to go for the ones that don't offer what you want.

Brand: Prebuilt? I personally like HP models, but am very biased as they are all I have ever owned. As for what brands to avoid, I usually avoid the brands that offer an extremely cheap PC when compared to the rest of the market. Not always the best way to judge, but the cheapest PC's are usually only good for basic things anyway.

Processor: Intel: Core i5; AMD: Phenom II X2 550 or above. Intel is more expensive than AMD is, with AMD you could get one of the better processors at the same cost as the Intel Core i5.

^Those processors are on the 1175 socket (Intel) or AM2/AM3 socket (AMD) motherboards. The motherboard you choose will also be important.

Hard drive: Depends. 500gb seems to be quite common in PC's on the shelf. If you see yourself using all of that, 1TB might be better.

Graphics: Again, an average card should be alright. Nvidia cards are great, but I'm biased. I'm sorry I can't offer any more information on this, graphics card specs confuse me.

Memory: 2gb at least, some programs can be quite memory heavy, even if they seem basic.

Power Supply: 500w should be alright, again it really depends if you plan on using your computer for anything else in future.

Hopefully that made sense. Note: I am not very experienced with computer specifications and this post is mainly based on my current understanding of them, so my advice will not be the best, it may also be inaccurate in some cases.
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Old 08-18-2011, 12:49 PM   #5
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Default Re: PC question

I am certainly not building it my self as for I know so little about computers. But if building is will give me what I want or need then that sounds like the best route. I will have to search around for an internet store that builds them in my area. All I need is the tower so would make sense to have it built. I thank you very much for everyone's information and ideas. I really need them. I just don't want to get like what Echo said, a component I do not need. Thank you again. Have a great day everyone.
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