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Default PC Load Error?


I recently installed a new heatsink, the Zalman CNPS9700 NT. At first it did not work I loaded up my PC and I had no video. So I checked all the plugs into my motherboard and reseated everything since I had to remove my whole motherboard to get this heatsink installed. Surely enough that fixed the problem I was able to have picture but my problems did not end there. It said System Boot Failure, please load defaults, this is because I installed new hardware.

Once I loaded defaults and it rebooted it brought me to a screen that said: "Windows Failed to Start, this could be due to a recent hardware or software change". I tried starting the System Normally (which has worked for me in the past with other issues) but it started to load windows (I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64) but it restarted, I then tried to load System Repair, it went to loading files but then the screen just it went black. Whenever i tried starting up normally it gets to the loading screen and just freezes, forcing me to power off the PC.

All fans are working, everything is plugged in, all lights are on I have no startup beep but I never have had one, i just have no internal speaker.

I tried popping in the original system disc but it froze when loading this. I am assuming that it is now my HDD? It is not spinning right because I have been powering off (forcefully) since I have been adding/removing hardware to fix previous issues? I tried using "SpinRite" but I do not have any CD's to boot from so I used my memory stick, but when I went to boot from removable it said "BOOT FROM DISK FAILURE, PLEASE LOAD SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER".

I am getting fed up, I need to have my PC working by no later than Sunday. I do not want it sent into a shop because I have just spent $150 on my PC in the past couple days, purchasing a heatsink, thermal paste, specific cables, etc.

It can not be my OS since it worked 2 days ago. My CPU and heatsink are working fine. So I am lost.

I would appreciate any help provided asap.

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