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Default PC Input on LCD TV Not Working Anymore....

Hey guys. I've been racking my brains on this and can't figure out what's going on.

I have an XP desktop on my wireless network in my living room. From the desktop I run into a powered VGA splitter so that I can send a VGA signal to my Sony 40" tv as well as a 17" monitor I have on the living room wall. I use the TV for internet browsing and such and then when I want to watch TV I simply change the input on my TV. The smaller monitor is still on and will display my photo screensaver after a few minutes. This setup has worked fine since March but all of a sudden it went kaput.

OK, so my smaller monitor still shows the computer display but my TV now says "No PC input" on the PC input setting. for the record I have not changed any settings on anything, it all of a sudden stopped working. All of the cables and such are brand new, having been purchased since March.

So here's a rundown of what I've done to try and fix it......

VGA out of computer to splitter then VGA cables running to tv and smaller monitor---------Only smaller monitor works.

Switching the VGA cables for smaller monitor and TV -------- Only smaller monitor works.

Going straight from computer to TV with 2 seperate VGA cables------ No picture on TV with either cable

Going straight from a DIFFERENT computer VGA out to TV ------- FINALLY a picture on TV.

What gives? Everything worked fine since March until a few days ago. That's when the PC input on the TV itself would display the blank "no pc input" screen but would flicker the computer display occassionally. Even while this was happening the display on the smaller monitor was not affected at all.

Then last night and this morning everything was back to normal but now it's back to not working at all. Every so often the TV will display the image for a few minutes but then go back to the "No PC Input" screen.

I've tried different cables, I've made sure the cables are inserted tightly and I've changed resolutions. Any ideas? Why would it work and then all of a sudden stop? For the record, I currently have a different computer hooked up using the same exact connections and it's been working fine. Is this a computer problem or TV problem?

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Default Re: PC Input on LCD TV Not Working Anymore....

What type of splitter are you using?

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Default Re: PC Input on LCD TV Not Working Anymore....

It's a powered 2 way splitter from monoprice. I've even swapped the two output cables from the spitter and have even tried to swap the output ports but I get the same result. The small monitor works, the big TV doesn't.

I've even gone straight from the computer to the big TV with no luck.

When I hook up my laptop with the same VGA cables then it works flawlessly.

I've also tried to tinker with different resolutions on the computer with no luck. I'm at a loss.
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