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Default paging file location

ive heard that moving the paging file to a second hard drive can boost the performance of your comp is that true? and would it be a good idea to move it from my sata hard drive to an ide hard drive?

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Default Re: paging file location

I would't honestly mess with that if I were you, as I don't tihnk you'd notice that much difference. Its more a case of making sure the hard drive it is on is clean and defragged often to make it easier to find space.

I wouldn't think moving it from a SATA to IDE would make any difference either. Its just a different connection type.

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Default Re: paging file location

Not true kage. If you make the primary page file small as in 768 megs and create another one larger on another drive it will dramaticly improve drive response time.
The primary drive if it has the page file on it and nowhere else when the page file and a program both want to access the drive guess which one suffers? If you guess the program you are right. Page files have priority access to the drive.
If you split it accross two drives the smaller fills up quickly and xp looks for the other one on the other drive and continues to use it. Meanwhile the OS and programs can get access to the primary drive with out having to wait.
And it really makes no difference what type of drive it is. Some thing else. The rule of thumb in creating a page file is make it 1.5 times the size of the total ram. DO NOT let xp control the size of the page file as it's not thier best handy work. It can waste a lot of drive space that is a major pain to recover. I would reccomend the primary page file be as small as xp will allow you to make it. The second one 1.5 times the memory.
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