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just a heads up for anyone who is looking to buy a cheap laptop from p.c world.
a friend of mine has purchased a ADVENT laptop priced at 399.00. she asked me to set up some security on it and anti virus software. i did this for her, but whilest doing it i noticed that the base was getting very warm! it then shut down, i presumed due to overheating. i then re booted it and heard the cooling fan switch on and then off within a few seconds! i thought it will kick in again almost streight away due to the high temp of it. but no the fan did not kick in and POW, it shut down again!
i had done all that she had asked me, and thought as to wether or not to tell her it was overheating? i had tried to tell her not to buy it in the first place, and thought that she might think that i was giving it the i told you so.
so i handed it back to her and off she went as happy as a lamb.
i phoned her the next day to see how it was going, and she said all was ok, so i thought fair enough.
i then got called out to her home to set up a dsl router. she told me that it had shut down a couple of times on her. i informed her that i thought there was a problem with the fan/cooler on it. i told her to take it back and ask the techies at the help desk to swap it.
in the shop the techies run it for an hour without it switching off. but here is the funny thing, there were three other people having the same laptop tested for random shutdowns! you would think they should have smelt a rat!
but no they sent here home with a phone number incase it happened again.
sure enough it shut down within a hour of getting home. the guy on the phone told her to start in safe and see if it shut down again. it did within ten minutes. they are picking it up in two days time for repairs.
so after my long winded tale, the moral of the story is "avoid the advent laptops at P.C WORLD for the time being.
and by the way, the laptop was a very low end job, but sufficient for what she wanted.

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Default Re: P.C WORLD "HEADS UP".

Hmm. Which model of advent laptop is it?

The 7086 with Lite laptop bag. 399.99

Its a cheap laptop that will be end of range ever shortly, I just thank god that you didnt purchase the patriot laptop for 299.99. Worse piece of junk at PC World.

If you go to technical and the machine works perfectly you cant expect the company to take it back as there is little margin on a 399.99 machine as it is, let alone if they accepted a fully working machine back and are forced to sell it at a discounted price.

If she continues to have problems potentially she could contact, Partmaster on 08702406607

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