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Default P.C wont boot monitor up on 1st time it boots

bit to explain last week
when i boot pc from been turned off it starts up but wont boot my monitor the first time i start it
i press restart on pc lights flash on keyboard and monitor boots up ok
(tried monitor on other pc's it boots first time)
checked leads fans etc cant find anything.i get no errors or sounds on boot up.
clock time and date are correct in windows toolbar not had to adjust them at all.
once pc is on all is ok can run it all day no problem not moved pc not added any hardware etc
this only happens when i boot pc from being turned off

"boot pc no monitor.press reset button boots ok all works fine from then on"

board on this pc ASRock K8NF4G-SATA2
new batteries used cr2032

onboard graphics NVIDIA GeForce 6100 drivers ok up to date also no errors show in device manager

its got xp sp2 on it been running ok up till last week.
scans virus free avg and virus free on trend micro on line scanner too

spent all day cleaning pc out checking stuff etc removed leads / hd / memory unplugged cd-roms etc
pc wont boot monitor 1st time at start up..
pc wont boot monitor/bios up with hd unattatched same with the memory removed..
checked bios uptodate cleared cmos new motherboard battery etc
onboard graphics flicker and you get a double view of my desktop when you use the mouse.(original drivers used)
fitted new hd fresh format still the same no boot monitor up on 1st go .
also now running a new graphics card in pci slot installed ok graphics ok no flicker etc.
removed onboard graphics..no errors in device manager still no monitor boot up on 1st go..
have to turn pc on then off and boot again then monitor boots up.
tried 2 monitors now they work ok on other pc's.
also pc not running hot would buying the same motherboard and swapping things over work or could it be processor ?
also if i start/turn computer off/restart.pc shuts down and will restart ok but its there again no monitor boot up.
turn pc off then on monitor boots up ok stuck with this prob got me stumped.
tried new hd/memory/graphics card/mobo battery etc disconected usb/floppy/cd-roms.etc wont boot monitor
p.s on 1st boot evertime pc runs and starts fully but just wont boot monitor.
sorry its a bit long but i'm baffled tried everything
any ideas please
thanks in advance all
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