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Default Overheating problems, please give suggestions

Alright, I'll give a brief overview of my system, at least the things that might be causing the problem. ASUS L1N64 mobo, 4gigs Corsair Gskill pc6400 800mhz DDR RAM(4 x1gig sticks), 2 AMD Athlon 64 fx-74 cpus with factory heatsink/fan assembly, 2 Hitachi deskstar 250gig HDDs, 2 x Gefroce 7950gt GPUs, 1000w PSU, and Sunbeam Transformer full tower atx case (2x 80mm side fans, 1x 80mm top fan, 1x 90mm rear fan) I think the problem started the past few days. I found a couple benchamrk programs that would read CPU temps and started to notice that the CPU2 temp was getting higher and higher. I pulled off the heatsink and fan and found that the thermal grease had hardened. So I bought a thermal compound from Radioshack (only place remotely around me that would carry anything like that) and re applied it tonight. So far I have noticed no change. CPU1 stays stable at abount 50c, but CPU2 is almost reaching 70c without running any apps or games or anything. Evertying is installed securely, thee is no dust, its a relatively new system (2 months). Anothing thing that I wonder about is that I have a different OS on each HDD. XP pro x64 on one and Vista Ultimate on the other. Could this be causing a problem? Other than that, what should I do? Get a better thermal grease? With a system like this, what kind of temp is too high? Someone advise please, I have way too much money into this to see something destroyed P.S. The temps from the benchamrks programs are correct because they roughly match the temps that my bios shows as well. Also, I find it strange because although CPU2 is running hotter, I can see in my BIOS that the CPU2 fan is running at a lower rpm than CPU1???)
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