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Default Re: Overheating? Hard drive nearly dead?

Thanks *heaps* guys, you’ve been great *huge* help!
If I could give ya more rep i would but it wont let me, as i have to spread it around

Originally Posted by CJ
There are various utilities on the net that will check your hard drive such as Seagate SeaTools. There should be one from the manufacturer and I think you mentioned Seagate as the hard drive. Give that a try to check whether it is a hard drive failure.

Put the 4Gig in and hope that your operating system will fit on it.
This would also enable you to see if you continue to get problems which would narrow it down to a power issue.

Even if you stuck the suspect drive in as a slave to the 4Gb master, you could use the utilities to check either disk. Just unplug the power cable on the suspect one when not in use to minimise risk of data loss.

If you've got something urgent you need to backup you could use an online storage site such as http://www.ibackup.com/. I'm sure there must be free ones which offer less space such as http://www.xdrive.com/ or http://www.atbackup.com/
Dam i didnt get time to see those websites, as it would of saved me alot of time, too late now lol, o well next time ill go to them to use them.
As for the Seagate SeaTools, im gunna take a look now, as i FINALLY saved and backed up all files etc that i could(very VERY time consuming and a lot of mucking around and hurrying up)

Im still going on this hard drive, its like going againist time, and a waiting game, i have to tho, i relise that i shouldnt be on till i get my other hdd in but i cant put it in yet so i have to make do with this one, lucky tho i have saved/backed-up all that i could tho, so really it dont 'really' matter..but it kinda does newho im rambing now..lol

*hugs to you guys your awesome!*

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