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Default overheating? dell dimensin 4400

My dad and I just upgraded the memory in my Dell Dimension 4400 from 256 (1x128) to 1024 (2x512). I checked a few websites, and some say the max capacity for my computer is 1 GB, and some say it's 1024 MB, so I'm pretty sure the computer can handle this much memory. After we installed it, we vaccumed out the fan (I now know this was a bad idea), and when we turned it on, the fan started spinning a lot faster than usual (I think) and running louder. We got a blue-screen error, and after that, whenever we left the computer on for a long period of time, it would say that the computer restarted and that the system has recovered from a serious error. On one of these error messages it said the problem may lie in the video card, which we've never had problems with before. We bought a PCI slot fan, I think the brand is Antec, and installed that. It seems to work fine, but if we leave it on for a while it still says it has recovered from an error. We don't leave the computer on overnight or during the day anymore, and we don't have any problems, but my IT Fundamentals teacher told me that I need to overclock the fan..how do I do this and is it safe to do so? Thanks for any help or other methods to fix this problem.

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Default Re: overheating? dell dimensin 4400

First of all 1gb, and 1042m/b of ram are the exact same thing. another thing, is that wut you did is got some ram with out heat spreaders...or your ram is not compatable with the mobo, or you just got a really crappy brand of ram.

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Default Re: overheating? dell dimensin 4400

Or you got too fast or slow RAM. For a Dell, I think you're good with PC2700 or PC3200 (DDR333 or DDR400)
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Default Re: overheating? dell dimensin 4400

Yeah, definitely sounds like a hardware error caused by the new RAM. Try a different brand, and make sure it's the right type/speed (and that it has heatspreaders).
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