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Default Overclocking a 9800 Pro

I've been trying to overclock my 9800 Pro 128 mb using RivaTuner, and I know your supposed to up it about 5 Mhz then test it out and run benchmarks which is what I have been doing, and I can overclock it a decent amount and it runs 3DMark05 with no artifacts or snow. But when I get into a game i.e. Bf2 there arent't like a lot, but they're are noticeable snow and artifacts and small things or parts of buildings showing up black. So I say ok, I'll just lower the overlcok some. Well after lowering and testing, it seems that even with the smallest OC Bf2 still has the artifacts and crap. Should it be like this? Or is this just not a good overlclocknig card?

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Default Re: Overclocking a 9800 Pro

I would take it back to normal and see how it runs, if you still have the problem you might have damaged your card

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Default Re: Overclocking a 9800 Pro

i had the AIW 9800 pro and it sucked for o/c. i just left it at stock after a while because its o/c ability sucked ass.
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